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Yellow Experimental Art Deco Fashion Sty

CC Jewel is the author of Love Lies, Love Changes, and Here and Now: A Novella. She is currently working on her fourth book as well as a non-fiction book documenting the unparalleled journey of black womanhood. She lives in Ohio.  


Cassie Moore's Life is Unraveling. 

Ten years ago, childhood friends Cassandra Moore and Jamison Giordano broke the rules by falling in love. He was older than her and their mothers happened to be best friends.
Their forbidden relationship eventually tears their families apart. When life forces Cassie to end the volatile relationship with Jamison, she marries another man and begins a new life.
Six years later, Cassie has a strong marriage and a six-year-old daughter, Ella Rose. Jamison re-enters Cassie's life, causing a hurricane of feelings to reemerge and unearthing a secret that changes their lives forever.
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