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"All writing is truly human observation."

                                                                  -CC Jewel

Love Lies-2.jpg

Ten years ago, childhood friends Cassandra Moore and Jamison Giordano broke the rules by falling in love. He was five years older and their mothers were best friends. The forbidden relationship eventually tears their families apart. When life forces Cassie to end the volatile relationship with Jamison, she marries another man and begins a new life. Six years later, Cassie has a strong marriage and a six-year-old daughter, Ella Rose. After a six-year absence, Jamison re-enters Cassie's life, causing a hurricane of feelings to reemerge and unearthing a secret that changes their lives forever.

A relationship that ends is not a failure or a punishment - it is a lesson. Cassie Moore is no longer consumed with Jamison Giordano or her past. The end of Cassie and Jamison as lovers two years ago started the journey of them as parents. Through this journey, both Cassie and Jamison are seeking their own piece of redemption. Cassie is finally standing on her own and opening herself up to new opportunities while Jamison has to reevaluate his life choices. Their love has changed, but where does their road lead to now?

A beginning wrought with drama deserves a quiet ending, but complexities under the surface of this fragile relationship remains. Cassie and Jamie continue learning to navigate their journey as they prepare for their impending wedding and new baby. Her ex-husband returns to deal with the child who used to call him Daddy, which causes tension for the couple.

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